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Sub-Zero = ? ? ? ? [I couldn't figure it out]
Noob = Forward, Down, Forward A
Kitana = Down, Down, Down A
Nightwolf = Back, Forward, Back A
Kabal = Down, Back, Forward A

this is a great puzzle but I think It should definitely be built upon, loved the level you are advertising.

I wasn't able to complete the game because I got stuck for half an hour, but the premise and game-play is always interesting leaving me want to finish the game.

Mantle responds:

I've put together a walk through so you can take a look there to see anything you may have missed:

I took a turd on this game

groovyguy responds:

Glad you liked it! :)

This game is great and unique in it's own. It feels like a mix of checkers and chess.!


I found this game "1 Minute Personality Test" Quite Enjoyable. Based off the title I was hesitant to play it. The title should be something like, "The Game of Personality" (followed by short description). I had to unlock every single medal before I could give a review, because they took some thinking to unlock; and wanted to have a good understanding of the game. A lot of choices and game-play is very fluid. I wouldn't be slow to start to make a sequel because this game was very interesting to finish and unique in it's own way.

This game is great ! So much fun with one button
what really BUGS ME is that I completed all the levels and it never gave me my last two medals, even though I completed all of the levels.

MrNannings responds:

I will try to fix it. Thanks for checking my game!

Game can be pretty addictive, as I am very anxious to see my character progress. I read your backlog, and all those seem like great later additions. But the game is well played. I wouldn't add enemy animations, I would just create an additional auto attack sprite.

I love the loot system, and the way I can upgrade character abilities. Honestly the game is quite simple, but I personally think it is better that way.

What the game really lacks is music and sound effects, it would make the game way better.

I don't understand how the game is so difficult for everyone, It is very basic and easy.

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