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This is pretty good honestly. Definitely better than I could even do in 2016. And this is pretty goofy honestly,

The foreign language they are speaking is a mix of spanish, japanese, and arabic and so many languages. Plus what they are saying don't match any of the subtitles it makes no sense.

Philljc responds:

Ridiculous isn't it? I found the voices in Counter-Strike Condition Zero, mostly. I didn't understand what any of them were saying, I was hoping most other people wouldn't either.

The irony if the situation is hilarious.. shii

So vulgar and honest that It deserves all the stars it can get

This is pretty good for a "southpark" style movie. Great schematics.

This is awesome

It's alright, it's funny though! But there's a lot to making these things. If you keep doing this, it will get pretty awesome! Maybe you should try some voice acting for some animations too because I can tell you that your really good at that!!!!

AnnoyingHeroDeath responds:


Thank you! I am trying to get better at my movies more and more. And thanks for the compliment on my voice acting; in fact, I am an actor, and have been in theatre for the past 3 years.

Great Movie! Fits perfect with the song:)

MistyEntertainment responds:

Thank you. Thanks for making the song!

You dream'd about flying dicks ? xD haha. You have good voice acting skills. You should do more of these videos.

TheLoyalMeat responds:

Well the dicks are an addition but the rest genuinely happened haha, thanks man I shall keep them coming then :D

The Voices' Remind me of "Conker" lol, great job!

PuffballsUnited responds:

Hmm yeah Conker had some funny voices.

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